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Entertainment & Creativity

The people of Page worked hard. They also liked to play hard! Swimming at the new pool and playing the new golf course were welcome distractions. Baseball games became endurance contests on a windswept, sandy field. Basketball games were also played in the sand, along trailer-lined streets.

Living in early Page meant no television, poor radio reception, and not much to do, so the people made their own entertainment. Dances, card games, and movies were attended with enthusiasm. Page also served as a backdrop for some memorable Hollywood moments including the filming of “The Greatest Story Ever Told” in 1962. Many early Page residents also served as ‘extras’ in the filming of movies, television shows and commercials.

  • Bill Chaplin - Footbridge Construction, Crack in the Wall

  • Flora Jones - Shoe Store Innovations

  • June Sanderson - Creative Landscaping

  • Lillie Mae Gilleland - Green Lawns in Trailer Courts

  • Harry Gilleland - Movies

  • Joyce Loshbough - Theatres and Murals

  • JoEllen Bingham - "Making it Happen," Plays

  • Cathy Parsons - "Hanging Out Together" in "Page Forest" and the park

  • Sharon Buck - Sliding Down Rocks, Movies, Teen Canteen

  • Craig Chubbuck - Kids Play

  • Rick Parsons - Kid's stuff, Drag Racing, and Walks to the River

  • Dora Wilder - Zippers

  • Bruce Hart - Bingo for Schools

  • Marian Hart - Box History of Page

  • Dick Kyle - Aircraft Swimming Pool

  • Dora Knight - Air Ambulance Adaptation

  • Walter Chubbuck - Driftwood Creations

  • Madeline Carver - Hawaiian Dance for Lord Snowden

  • Margaret Selna - First Liquor License

  • Mack & Wanda Ward - Movie Industry Problem Insurance