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Lake Powell, Glen Canyon, and the area’s natural beauty would eventually attract millions of tourists. The young town’s economy would benefit tremendously from the influx of visitors, coming from all over the world for raft tours, boat rides, and fishing excursions.

Tourists visited the area for years before the construction of the Dam and creation of Lake Powell.  Many early tourists were Colorado River runners who enjoyed the beauty of Glen Canyon before it was inundated by Lake Powell.

During the 1930s, a number of individuals began offering commercial river running services. Two of the earliest were Norman Nevills and Bus Hatch. After World War II, commercial river running boomed. Page later became the headquarters for several Colorado River running companies including Sanderson River Expeditions, and Diamond River Adventures.

During and after the construction of Glen Canyon Dam, Art Greene and his family established Canyon Tours, Inc., offering tours along the Colorado River and to Rainbow Bridge, and became an important part of the area’s tourism history and economy. Art Greene also started the first lodge and marina on Lake Powell, Wahweap Marina, which is still a popular tourist destination and important access point to the waters of Lake Powell.

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  • Pat Diamond - Sanderson River Trips to Benefit Museum

  • Dick Barbar - First Rangers on Lake, Boating Safety, Hall's Crossing

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  • Steve Ward - Changes in Tour Boats, "Rainbow Trail"

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