Workers positioning steel beams over Glen Canyon

Interviewee Biographies

More interviewee biographies and transcripts will be added soon.

  • Marie Golliard came to Page, Arizona with her husband Roger in the late 1950s. The Golliards owned and operated the Glen Canyon Trading Post in Page, and devoted many volunteer hours to the creation and establishment of the community. They were founders of the Powell Museum, donating several important collections to the Museum including Native American baskets, pottery, and rugs, as well as a world renowned collection of fluorescent rocks.

  • George and Eula Koury moved their family to Page from Holbrook, Arizona in 1957 to run the first grocery store, Babbitt Brothers Trading Company. The Kourys were important community members and helped start some of the first community organizations including Little League Baseball teams, a Teen Canteen, and the Glen Canyon Country Club.

  • Royce and Dora Knight moved to Page, Arizona in 1957 to build and manage the first airport, now named the Royce K. Knight Field. The Knights helped organize the Page Lake Powell Chamber of Commerce, Glen Canyon Country Club, and were active in the Northlands Association which was responsible for decisions regarding the roads built around Page. Dora and her husband operated the only air-ambulance service for the Page area during the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam.

  • Carol Manson lived in the Page, Coppermine, and Gap, Arizona areas with her family before and during the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam. Manson Mesa, the mesa where Page is located, was named after Carol’s husband’s father, Manson Yazzie. Carol worked as a Nursing Assistant at the Page Hospital for twenty-five years beginning in 1963.

  • JoAnn Mosier and her husband Hershel came to Page in 1960 to teach for the Page School District. They raised a family in Page, and were active in the PTA. JoAnn, a talented musician, taught music at the elementary level for fifteen years, and also performed at many community events.

  • Harvey Gardner moved to Page in 1959 to work construction on Glen Canyon Dam. His wife, Darlene Gardner, moved to Page in 1960 with their family. The Gardners raised seven children in Page, and became very active in the community. Harvey Gardner started Page Steel and Page Lumber companies, which are still important building supply companies for Page and the surrounding areas.

  • June Sanderson moved to Page with her family in 1959. At the time, her husband, Jerry Sanderson, worked for the Bureau of Reclamation as a Ranger. Later they began taking people on guided Colorado River trips through the Grand Canyon. Jerry and his brother Larry Sanderson started Sanderson Brothers River Expeditions, one of the first commercial river running companies on the Colorado River. The Sandersons were instrumental in helping the Powell Museum get its start by donating time and money from fundraiser river trips.

  • Dick Kyle worked on the Glen Canyon Dam construction project primarily as a swing shift foreman on the cableway beginning in 1960. Dick worked on several dam construction sites around the country, and stayed in the Page area for the duration of the Glen Canyon Dam project. He also volunteered his time and labor to help build some of the churches which were just getting started in Page.

  • Mack and Wanda Ward and their family moved to Page in 1959 to open the first drugstore and raise their children in a small-town atmosphere. The Wards were immediately involved in many community organizations such as the Lions Club, the Page Chamber of Commerce and the Page Public School Board. Mack was also appointed Staff Pharmacist for the Page Hospital.

  • Bruce Hart, his wife Marian, and their two children moved to Page in 1958. Both Bruce and Marian taught school for Page School District, and Bruce also worked in administrative capacities for Page Schools. Bruce was very active in the Rotary Club, helping to build the Page Community Townhouse and supporting numerous charities and organizations in the Page community.